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About Chorus Supernatural Chorus Supernatural is one of the most trusted, world-renowned luxurious lines of 100% natural skincare, haircare and body care products.The Beauty Brand assures its users that they are responsible and entirely transparent about the ingredients they use in the Beauty products they produce. According to the “Chorus

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Phone: 65-6240 6979

Fax: 65-6240 6929

Email: info@chorussupernatural.sg

Site: www.chorussupernatural.sg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/chorussupernatural.sg/

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Chorus Gentle Shampoo
Chorus Thicken Volumizing Conditioner (Mandarin Ginger)
Chorus Volumize Volumizing Shampoo (Mandarin Ginger)
Chorus Thicken Volumizing Conditioner (Rosemary Mint)
Chorus Volumize Volumizing Shampoo (Rosemary Mint)