Crème Simon

About Crème Simon Pte. Ltd.

Since 1860 in Paris, Crème Simon has been inspiring women to enjoy natural beauty rituals. Adored by generations of women, Crème Simon was the celebrated unrivalled #1 French natural skincare brand, passed down from mothers to daughters as their secret to beautiful skin. Created by Joseph Simon to bring back youthfulness to the hands of hardworking Parisian women, it infuses the potent healing properties of seven different flowers and plants. The serendipitous discovery of its brightening effect on women’s face marked the first natural brightening cream from France.

In line with Joseph Simon’s philosophy that climate conditions influence our skincare needs, Crème Simon’s gentle brightening-detox range is now formulated for differing regions and seasons. Free of controversial ingredients, Creème Simon is free of paraben, alcohol, silicone, oil, sulfates, colourings and phenoxyethanol. Today, Simon’s beloved French climate-customised skin care brand is made available to women who seek to enjoy life’s little pleasures that make them feel good about themselves. Nature Inspired, Climate Perfected, Make a Beautiful Discovery.