Skin Supplement

1. What is Crystal Tomato® Dietary Supplement?

Crystal Tomato® Dietary Supplement is a Natural Food made from a special varietal of 100% natural Non-Genetically-Modified Tomato and is Preservative-Free.

2. What is the key active ingredient in Crystal Tomato® Dietary Supplement?

Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid is the key active ingredient in Crystal Tomato® Dietary Supplement.

3. What are Carotenoids and how do they benefit the skin?

Carotenoids are a class of natural substances (naturally occurring pigments synthesized by plants, algae, and photosynthetic bacteria). The primary function of carotenoids is Anti-Oxidant.

4. What is the difference between Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid and other regular Carotenoids?

There are many Carotenoids and they are mainly colored. The more commonly known ones are Beta Carotene (orange colored, high presence in carrots) and Lycopene (bright red colored, high presence in common tomatoes). Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid (without color) absorbs UV – color reflects absorption of visible light; colorless substances do not absorb in the visible spectrum, they absorb at lower wavelength (i.e. UV) or higher wavelength (i.e. Infra-Red or IR). Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid is UV absorber.

5. How is Crystal Tomato® beneficial to skin whitening?

Normal tomatoes have high concentrations of Colored Carotenoids which stain the skin (tanlike to orange color) if consumed in large quantity. Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid on the contrary lightens pigmentation when consumed.

6. Is Crystal Tomato® cultivated specifically for its skin whitening properties?

Yes. Crystal Tomato® corresponds to a special varietal of tomato which is cultivated specifically for this purpose only. Such type of tomato does not exist anywhere else.

7. How many tomatoes worth of Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid in each caplet?

Due to the high concentration of Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids in the supplement, each caplet corresponds to 3 fresh crystal tomatoes.

8. Would consuming normal colored carotenoids (i.e. beta-carotene /lycopene), give the same whitening effect as consuming Crystal Tomato®?

Consuming colored carotenoids darkens the color of the skin, making it look orange. Furthermore, normal tomatoes contain colored carotenoids, which do not protect against UV and do not have skin whitening functions. DISCLAIMER: This information has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease.

9. What other benefits are there in Crystal Tomato®?

Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids absorb UV and protect the skin from sun exposure whilst reducing existing pigmentation. They also inhibit the formation of additional melanin. They are a Super Anti-Oxidant and, as such, prolong cell DNA longevity.

10. How much and how long does one have to take Crystal Tomato® Dietary supplement to get the benefits?

Recommended intake for Crystal Tomato® is just One Caplet A Day but there is no harm in taking more. In view that the skin is a large organ and the benefits are delivered ‘head to toe’, 2 to 3 months for visible radiance and lightening effects should be expected. However, many patients have provided feedback that benefits of Radiance and Lightening are visible from as soon as just 3 weeks of 1-a-day consumption dosage.

11. What are the side effects from taking Crystal Tomato®?

Crystal Tomato® Dietary Supplement is a Natural Food consisting of natural tomatoes and L-cysteine (amino acids present in our body) which is a US FDA approved food additive. There are no known side effects unless one is allergic to tomatoes.

12. Is Crystal Tomato® suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes. Crystal Tomato® Dietary Supplement is suitable for Vegetarians as well as for Vegans.

13. Can women preparing for pregnancy, pregnant women & breast feeding mothers, consume Crystal Tomato®?

Crystal Tomato® being a Natural Food is suitable and safe for all – with the exception of people who are allergic to tomatoes or have been advised by their physicians not to take tomatoes for any reason.

14. How long does one continue taking Crystal Tomato® and what will happen when one stops consuming it? Will the color of the skin darken and the condition of the skin worsens?

As Crystal Tomato® is a Natural Food, it can be consumed continuously. Like with any food or other safe product, the results are reversible – when one stops consuming the supplement, the skin will progressively revert to its original form. It will not worsen but it will lose the benefits derived from consuming this supplement.

15. How safe is Crystal Tomato®?

Based on published scientific data, it was calculated that one can take over 5,000 Crystal Tomato® caplets a day for a lifetime without experiencing any adverse effect.

16. Were there any Clinical Trials conducted to show UV Protection of the skin from oral use of Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid?

Yes, in clinical studies it was found that oral intake of Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid protects the skin from UV rays. In the latest study, the natural SPF of the skin was increased by 20%. DISCLAIMER: This information has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease.

17. Are there any Scientific Data to prove that Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid taken orally lightens/whitens skin?

Yes, increasing the skin UV protection will lead to a reduction in darkening as a result of sun exposure. In a recent study, it was proven that there is significant lightening of the skin color

18. Why is L-Cysteine, another active ingredient in Crystal Tomato® added?

L-Cysteine has been added to the formula as it transforms into glutathione in our body. Glutathione converts dark brown melanin to pink melanin. However, glutathione – taken either orally or applied topically – is not absorbed by the body. Only L-Cysteine transformed glutathione will be absorbed.

19. Crystal Tomato® is Anti-Aging – how does it prevent ageing?

All carotenoids are excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. They prevent damages caused by free radicals that lead to premature aging. By absorbing UV, Crystal Tomato® Carotenoid also prevents the formation of the free radicals.

20. Crystal Tomato® serves as a natural sunscreen against UVA/B. would it replace the use of topical sunblock?

It is necessary to continue with the use of topical sunblock. Crystal Tomato® provides protection continuously for the whole body against UVA/B but it is not sufficient to completely protect against direct sun exposure.

21. Tomatoes are known to be high in acids. Would the consumption of Crystal Tomato® cause undesirable reactions for sufferers from Acid Reflux, Gastric Ulcers, Heartburn?

Acids are water-soluble. Crystal Tomato® Dietary Supplement is made from natural tomatoes that have been freeze dried into powder. No chemical is added. When the water is removed, the acids are also removed.

22. When should one take Crystal Tomato®? Morning or night, before or after food?

Taking Crystal Tomato® is like eating any fresh tomatoes and can be taken anytime, day or night, before food or after food. It is recommended to take daily at a regular time (i.e. if a caplet is taken in the morning on the 1st day, try to follow the same sequence the following days).