About Curel

The Curél® Skincare experts know what it means to have dry skin. After a culmination of years of extensive research, Curél, the first skin care brand for sensitive skin in Japan, is born. A new body care series is launched.

Through a careful research on natural ingredients, Kao Japan discovered that the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant vastly enhance skin’s ability to produce ceramide. It’s more than a state of being, it’s a state of mind. When you have itchy, dry skin, all you can think about is how to find comfort and relief.

The answer to dry skin is our full line of moisturizing lotions for all skin types. They’ve been specially formulated and clinically shown to free skin from the demands of dryness, including itching and flaking. Combining the latest dermatological science and technology, the hydrating and moisture-retaining ingredient with the function of ceramide* is developed and included in the moisture care products. The entire Curél product line is updated.

Curel’s formulas, now with Advanced Ceramide Therapy, not only help restore your skin to a healthier state; but more importantly, they allow you to be your best self, carefree and confident, 24/7.Using the approach of protecting and replenishing ceramide function to moisturize the skin, Curél boosts skin’s barrier function against external stimulations – thus keeping skin moisturized and less prone to roughness.Curél has been consistently focusing on ceramide protection and building at each and every step of skincare – from cleansing to moisturizing.