Deja vu

About Deja Vu

The Deja Vu luxurious line of products are sold across the United States in malls, specialty locations, select spas and leading chains of bath and beauty shops. The company has received international acclaim in the European markets and has been expanding its operations in Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean.

Deja Vu Cosmetics is located in Warminster, Pennsylvania, and boasts an extensive history in the industry of Dead Sea skin beauty and spa products, specializing in facial anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments, as well as foot and general body skin care.

The harsh effects of daily stress, as well as environmental and urban airborne pollutants, impose such a severe toll on our skin that demands the appropriate response provided by Deja Vu Cosmetics. Working together with the best laboratories, skin care professionals and customer feedback, the cosmetics line brings you a new line of innovative products designed to supplement a regimen of skin care for the health and beauty conscious.

The Deja Vu Cosmetics company philosophy rests on customer care, support and feedback.They primarily believe in their wide range of unique products and work closely with our customers toward providing a complete line care of skin and spa products essential to maintaining and improving amazing results.

The user’s satisfaction is their paramount concern, both in the innovation of our products, as well as maintaining our award winning customer service response. The Deja Vu company philosophy begins with an understanding that our bodies require constant care to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin appearance.