Dermabell is a beauty brand in Singapore that develops effective, botanical salon-use products suitable for even sensitive skin. Dermabell represents Korean cosmeceutical science at its peak.

Their goal is formulating clean, safe & effective medically-engineered skincare even for hypersensitive skin and post-treatment care. At the heart of the beauty world, South Korea, they work with dermatologists to combine specially handpicked, pure plant-based ingredients with cutting-edge biotechnology. With both passion and science, they are able to formulate products that contain the optimal amount of active ingredients to gently yet effectively nurture and improve skin from beneath the surface.

Some of their products that are finally in the Singapore market are the facial masks. These affordable and effective masks include the Premium Propolis Modelling Gel Mask, Premium Perilla Modelling Gel Mask and the Premium Rose Modelling Gel Mask.

With the concept of ‘skin cure’ and signature ingredient Acell-300, their products use only natural clinically-approved ingredients to improve and enhance the skin’s health and appearance.