About Dettol

Dettol acts as a one of the oldest and trusted brands for a hygienic product in India. Dettol has stayed at the forefront of consumer hygiene by developing new ways to protect people against germs. Their passion for protecting health is what drives their innovation and ensures that they continue to grow.

Dettol comes from the fastest growing consumer goods companies in south Asia named as Reckitt Benckiser (India) limited formally called Reckitt Colman (India) limited. The company has its operation in 60 countries with a wide number of employees around the world. Reckitt Benckiser owns a wide range of household brands in different sectors.

Dettol is considered to be the iconic brand of its company and Dettol has been accepted as the most trusted brands in India as it protects the entire families from various diseases and illness caused due to micro germs.

In 2008 the brand Dettol celebrated its platinum jubilee and due to its consistency, it was accepted to be the best products among the other brands available in the markets. Dettol brand has been widely accepted for its protection not only nationally but even into the minds of Indians.

Dettol was the first brand and has its own pride towards its entry into the market. Dettol has got a good product diversification with different categories and remedies. Dettol has designed its price accordingly to the necessity of its customers with different price slabs towards its varieties of products.

Dettol has even gained its trust from millions of Indian families due to its approval received towards all varieties of its brands from Indian Medical Association. In addition, the brand dettol also enjoys good ranking given by Brand Trust Report as per last year data.