Dose of Colors

About Dose of Colors

Dose of Colors is a beauty brand launched by none other than our very own Anna Petrosian on May 19, 2013. She is the founder, creator, beauty, and brains behind the up and coming cult makeup line. Since the age of sixteen, Anna’s passion and enthusiasm for beauty have allowed her to develop a brand of her very own.

At Dose of Colors, color is their main inspiration and motivation in creating top of the line merchandise. Currently, the wide range of products they offer are cruelty-free and vegan options offer a wide variety of highly pigmented formulas for lips, eyes, and face.

For over ten years, her experience as a freelance makeup-artist has equipped her with the knowledge and insight to create, innovate, and cultivate a label of exceptional quality and excellence.  Inspired by color, comfort, and versatility, Dose of Colors continues to excel in the world of cosmetics.

Pair these formulas with the application of our famed brushes and you can achieve the optimal Dose of Colors look. With such a huge demand and growing success rate, the brand continues to broaden its horizons and reach new heights by generating new and innovative products for beauty consumers.

Dose of Colors always encourages imagination, ingenuity, and originality, by providing the tools to their customers who can then become the artists they aspire to be. They are excited and thrilled to show each users all the new products in development, and invite you to join us on their journey to provide the very best in cosmetics.