About FreshKon

FreshKon® is not only the number 1 Cosmetic Contact Lens Brand in Singapore but also an international brand with 3 signature lines, FreshKon® Alluring Eyes, FreshKon® Colors Fusion, and FreshKon® Mosaic.

The Cosmetic Brand was created with its principal belief and foundation that fashion should women and men’s way of life. It should be more than the products that come with it. Starting from day one, FreshKon knows the value of its inclusivity and affinity with having mesmerizing and healthy eyes, that continues up to this day.

FreshKon guarantees legit effectivity from pure vision correction needs to fashion loving-trendsetting individuals. World famous for its flagship labels – Alluring Eyes and Colors Fusion – whose resounding success turned them into household names, FreshKon saw and conquered the opportunity of going worldwide, thus, spreading up to 50 counties all over the globe.

FreshKon is a Cosmetic Brand that loves its loyal customers in giving them the products they deserve the nature of their innovation can be summarized by rewriting an all-too-familiar quote: “FreshKon is not something that exists in eyewear only – it is in the skies, in the streets; it has to do with ideas and passion, with what is happening around us; with the way we see the world – it is a way of life.”

Today, FreshKon is considered as the leader in producing high quality Cosmetic Contact Lenses. It Provides and an extensive variety of cosmetic contact lenses in both the 1-DAY and 1-Month modality. These cosmetic contact lenses dare to suit every different need of modern individuals.