About  HABA

HABA is a Skin Care Brand trusted by legions of women with their daily skin solutions. HABA is an abbreviation of their founding principle that they managed to uphold throughout the years, it stands for Health Aid, Beauty Aid.

HABA’s concept that the correct use and choice of skincare, as well as health care, will lead to a better life. Coming from that concept is the belief that Beauty from the inside- out is natural. Natural and effective as its Skin care and body products that first originated in Hokkaido, Japan.

HABA continued innovating but did not stop with just coming up with safe and healthier alternatives for the usually chemically induced products in the market. They developed original products following their original principles hence, their brand name.

The Skin care Brand’s choice to not include any additives that could tarnish their all natural brand in their products is their top priority. All HABA products are free of parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, chemically synthesized tar colours and petrochemical surfactants.

HABA only promises to use and continue using ingredients that would promote growth and health of the skin. These are common additives in other brands’ products that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

HABA believes that it takes three steps toward total beauty. These steps are to cleanse, to moisturize and to protect your skin. More than providing effective skincare products, the Skincare Brand works day and night to guarantee that customers all over the world have access to information that will aid them and eventually help others as well to achieving total, healthy, beautiful skin.