About Katfood

Katfood is a Skincare Brand that gives a twist with its approach to the modern beauty industry scene. KatFood firmly believes in only putting on our skin what we feel safe putting in our mouths. It is the Beauty brand that claimed to be the “almost” edible beauty products.

The Almost Edible Beauty Brand is committed to create a safe, chemical-free alternative that differs them to the big and common beauty brands that produce chemically induces beauty products. Being all natural, all products by Katfood are sure to have no chemical preservatives and are handmade.

These products are 100% fresh and come in small quantities to avoid mass product contamination as well as the to ensure that it will stay fresh and stable for use. Katfood Products are not diluted with fillers to guarantee that a little goes a long way.

Katfood only uses the best ingredients. The Beauty Brand’s key ingredients are organic, unprocessed and untreated with any chemicals. Katfood, with its fresh ingredients, make the products fresh upon each order. Each product is also handmade to guarantee quality over quantity.

Katfood believes that less is more. That is why they maintain to keep their recipes short and sweet so each consumer gets more to each carefully curated freshness from their Katfood products. By giving the beauty world such innovating products the Beauty Brand has garnered awards!

  • CLEO Body Awards 2015 – Best Body Scrub (Espresso Yourself Body Scrub
  • CLEO Guy Stuff Awards 2016 – Best Dry Shampoo (Cuckoo For Cocoa Dry Shampoo)
  • Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2016 – Best Organic Cleanser (All About That Face Foaming Facial Wash)
  • Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2016 – Best Tinted Lip Balm (99 Pink Balloons Lip Balm)