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About Katfood Katfood is a Skincare Brand that gives a twist with its approach to the modern beauty industry scene. KatFood firmly believes in only putting on our skin what we feel safe putting in our mouths. It is the Beauty brand that claimed to be the “almost” edible beauty

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Phone: +65 6747 2541

Email: hello@ilovekatfood.com

Site: www.ilovekatfood.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ilovekatfood

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ilovekatfood

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Katfood Manly Beard Oil
Katfood Cuckoo for Cocoa Dry Shampoo
Katfood You had me at Aloe Body Jelly
Katfood Not a Hint Deodorant
Katfood Green Special-Tea Handy Hand Salve

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