Klarity or also know as Klarity Kosmetics is a home grown beauty brand from Singapore that has been claiming its authority in the beauty industry by becoming one of the fastest growing and most successful cosmetics brand in the country.

Klarity is the beauty brand behind products like Diamond Glow Overnight Masque and OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask. These products are formulated in Singapore and manufactured in Korea using five star French and Swiss technology. The beauty brand offers a simple, straightforward approach to skincare with products that cause no down-time, are non-invasive and have skin-friendly ingredients that show visible results.

Klarity is an Indie cosmetics company that was first opened in 2014. Klarity Kosmetics is owned and ran by 1 owner, and is located in Groves,Texas. Klarity Kosmetics strived to cater to all ethinicities and skin complexions. As a well loved beauty brand, Klarity strives to stick to their slogan of “Kaptivating Beauty One Shade At A Time”.

Klarity’s main goal has always been to create high quality, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, at an affordable price without breaking the bank. All of Klarity’s products are made and manufactured in the USA where NONE of their products are tested on animals!