KOSÉ Singapore Pte. Ltd.

About KOSE

KOSE’s main tagline is Forever radiant. Forever you, a Skincare and Beauty Brand that was founded by Kozaburo Kobayashi in 1946. Kozaburo Kobayashi poured his heart and his unending passion with his imagination as his limits into making Cosmetic Products that helped people made their dreams and hopes to come true.

During the dark times of modern history, especially the post-war period of shortages, Kozaburo Kobayashi has made KOSÉ the leader in making quality products that truly exceeded the expectations of every customer who used it.

Over the years of honest to goodness hard work, KOSE has become a giant name in the Cosmetics world spawning countless beauty brands under its wing. Today, KOSÉ’s bestselling skincare and cosmetic brands include SEKKISEI, SEKKISEI SUPREME, ESPRIQUE, INFINITY, MOISTURE SKIN REPAIR, JUNKISUI, the luxurious COSME DECORTE, and more.

KOSE’s values that it holds true and dearly is to be Fair & Radiant. The Beauty brand’s sincerest desire is to have a harmonious and solid ground connection with its customers, men or women, young or not.

KOSE continues to give the market products of the uppermost excellence – so that they can experience skincare that’s both effective and mild to the skin. Most of all their, goal is to show everyone that having a beautiful translucent skin with glowing radiance could be achieved by everyone who wants it with their help.

Believing in achieving the impossible and bringing change not just to the beauty industry but to the world is what gives KOSÉ the strength, spirit and drive to do more.