Lavie Lash


Lavie Lash is a beauty brand to help you maintain the trendy looks you want to achieve. Lavie Lash has a wide variety of products but they are more famous for is their beautiful and lushes eyelashes. Some of these products are Accents collection and Maison de Poupee Collection.

Lavie Lash maintains their philosophy that firmly states that as Lavie Lash, they want to create beautiful luxurious lashes with an affordable price point.

Their lashes are carefully handcrafted using 100% premium sterilized human hair, and produced by the same factory as leading eyelash brands. You can rest assured that your Lavie Lash is top quality without the ridiculous price tag.

Let’s face it, most of the mass produced, machine-made lashes on the market are using low quality materials – and you don’t want them on your sensitive eyelids! Lavie Lash lashes are meticulously handmade with the highest standard of craftsmanship – using only premium materials.