Mario Badescu


Mario Badescu founded the skincare brand, in 1967. It started as a salon that eventually branched out to offering skin care products. Mario Badescu’s philosophy was that simplicity is the key to healthy, clean, radiant skin. The founder stood by the belief that beautiful skin leads to a boost of self-esteem, and made it his goal to help his customers reach it. They pride themselves in offering the personal, customized skin care treatments, perfect for whatever skin condition.

Mario Badescu offers a complete range of skin solutions to complete your skin care regimen and paving the way into having a perfectly flawless complexion. The brand is favored amongst many influential celebrities, one of them being Kylie Jenner, which has skyrocketed the brand’s popularity all the more.

Mario Badescu continues to innovate and provide the beauty industry skin care products that are ranging from effective acne solutions, to anti-aging treatments that transcend generations.