May Coop

About May Coop

May Coop is a skin care line that is using the natural and safe maple tree sap as its main ingredients. The tree sap is specifically collected during the spring, in reference to the “May” in May Coop.

May Coop’s founders discovered maple tree sap’s amazing properties (it is very revitalizing and nourishing for the skin) and high absorbability due to the smaller size of its molecules.

What is sap? It is the natural fluid that is extracted from trees. According to May Coop, “sap is like breast milk, it helps plants and trees sprout or bear fruits.” Sap, just like nectar, brings sweetness to those who use and love it, complimenting it for its safety and effectiveness.

Maple tree sap, the main ingredient of May Coop Skin care line is collected from Maple Tree. Maple Tree Sap a compound ionized water full of various kind of minerals and nutrients such as sugar (2%), amino acids (200ppm), mineral, fatty acid, vitamin, potassium, calcium etc.

The May Coop Founders found that Maple Tree Sap has benefits for the skin like trans-epidermal tissue, reinforcing skin layer and preventing skin trouble. Maple Sugar Extracts (MSE) is a natural sugar that can be extracted from maple tree sap. It is used primarily to lather moisture in the skin preventing it from vaporising.

May Coop uses only natural ingredients without any artificial and chemical synthesis. They promote saving the environment that produces 100% pure natural moisturiser which can be made from nature.