Moonshot is one of the best Korean beauty brand that is quickly becoming the definition of a booming success from a home grown  Korean beauty brand. Moonshot pushes the boundaries of makeup and aesthetics creating safe and effective beauty products like Big Bang 10 Lip Balm and Lip Feat Lipstick.

Moonshot as an unconventional and out of the box korean beauty brand, carries everything from bases to bright tints for the eyes, lips and cheeks, as well as a comprehensive skincare line specialising in sun and UV protection.

Moonshot aims to unleash the funky, eye-popping products to mirror this concept, and are made for those who may be too intimidated to delve into color and want to take their makeup beyond a pop of lipstick or a Friday-night smoky eye.

To this aim, Moonshot’s created an easy-to-use, multifunctional line of punchy, yet approachable makeup and a few skin-care essentials. Turn to this brand to amp up your look with a bit of creative flair.