For decades, women suffer from fear of skincare allergy. Thanks to Japan latest healthcare technology, our world’s
first HITO Collagen I free you from the world of worries. Feel the difference in the world of HITO Collagen, beauty and moist ingredient stays long and last long in your skin with HITO Collagen. Feel the moist ingredients all day long which it’s non-sticky but long lasting, because it’s same as your skin.


Why Frais Vent neosilk?

1) World FIRST HITO Collagen
HITO( human) Collagen I refined from silkworm cocoon is highly safe and assurance and proof of low allergy reaction. It is the world’s first new technology to produce collagen that has same amino acids with human skin.

2) Product Effectiveness
Great & long lasting effects + least problem, Neosilk HITO Collagen I has good compatibility with human skin which holds all moist and Japan beauty ingredients, assisting in create a beautiful and supple skin.

4) Safety as TOP PRIORITY
Safety certification thoroughly tested with healthcare standard in Japan. It focuses on gentle to skin and eliminates all stimulating ingredients that are bad to skin.

5) Best Collagen to take
Collagen glues beauty ingredients to your skin. All our beauty products contains HITO Collagen and designed to be used morning and night as a skincare, twice a day.

3) RICH INGREDIENT is one of the key
We have adopted well known Japan beautify ingredient from ancient time, uses plant-derived and bio-derived which sticks thoroughly and penetrate to the skin from the Japanese and Chinese plant extract.

Your Perfect Skincare Starts Here:

Frais Vent Neosilk Mild Cleansing

68% beauty ingredients, Soft and gentle cleanse makeup oilier than oil

Frais Vent Neosilk Mild Wash

Fluffy foam like a cocoon, removes dirts and horny, skincare oriented face wash

Frais Vent Neosilk Lotion / Toner

Feel beauty ingredient penetrate, to prepare texture, to skin bounces from inside.

Frais Vent Neosilk Essence

Intensive aging care essence, 10 times HITO (human) Collagen I, differing the finish of skincare

Frais Vent Neosilk Cream

Moisturizes till stratum corneum 5 times HITO (human) Collagen I get skin not defeated by drying

Frais Vent Neosilk All In One Gel

Aged Care completed with this one item after washing face, moisturizing plumps & enhancing sensation

Frais Vent Neosilk BB Cream

NEW Skin care & foundation A versatile foundation of 5 roles that is gentle to the skin

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