About NOV

NOV is a skin care line providing clinically approved solutions for any skin problems and concerns which is based on clinical dermatology studies

NOV has collaborated and consulted with many trusted dermatologists about the planning and early development of their products since their founding. WIth this, they came up with skin care products that are safe and effective such as soaps and creams for customers who are in need of a solution for sensitive skin and skin allergies.

NOV is known to be a line of hypoallergenic cosmetics created with the convoluted effort of many dermatologists in 1985. Following the idea, safe cosmetics for all people, NOV began to research and create safe and effective products.

Based on clinical dermatology studies, NOV continues to strive and pursue a maintaining the safe status in all of the products. This is done by meticulously picking the best materials in each factory which are set up with hi-tech equipment.

These wide range of products are for those who are worried about dry and rough skin, for those who have highly sensitive skin and for those who want total care to fight the signs of aging mildly while having comfort that is perfect for the sensitive skin of a child or of an adult’s’.

NOV, through unending consults and visits to skin care professionals as well as inquiring the opinions of doctors and aestheticians, they aspire to continue creating skin care products and develop and intricate skin care line that does not interfere with medications while keeping the skin perfectly healthy and revitalized.