Nuxe has its own story to tell. That of an aspiration, driven by intuition. A fundamental need nurtured and followed by its founder, Aliza Jabès, who developed Nuxe products and spas by believing in herself and letting her senses guide her and following her instinct.

Believing that Instinct is the new power, A strength that we all should listen to, celebrate and nurture and that Instinct is where beauty comes from. Today, all of their employees share and help spread this philosophy, which makes Nuxe a distinctive brand that women can relate to coming up with cult products such as Huile Prodigieuse®, Crème Fraîche® de beauté and Nuxellence® are all the result of this instinctive yet sensory approach to beauty and skincare.

Nuxe is a beauty brand that reconnects women with their inner nature so they can express their own beauty. Inspired by a passionate belief in the amazing power of nature and convinced from a very early age by her father – a pharmacy researcher – that the botanical world is the source of significant therapeutic discoveries, Aliza Jabès decided to create a natural cosmetics brand.

In the early 1990s, she came across a small formulation laboratory based in Paris and decided to make this her starting point for the creation of a brand combining Nature, Performance and Sensoriality.

A liberating beauty, free from conformism and clichés.Our products are guaranteed by Ecocert® certification and the Cosmébio® label.