Olive Oil Skin Care Company

About Olive Oil Skin Care Company

Olive Skin care is a Skin Care Brand aiming to provide the consumers countless products that are all Extra Virgin Olive Oil based that is collected from its trusted source: the olive tree.

In a  brief history of the Skin care brand, Olive Skin Care, the founders first imported a variety of olive trees from Umbria in the year 2000. With lots of effort and patience, they propagated and cared the first Olive trees that started it all in the fertile soil of the Australian Riverina. From this beginning started the Olive Oil Skin Care Company in 2012.

Today, the family are maintaining a total of five different species of olive trees reaching 110,000 trees at their olive farm in Central New South Wales. The Olive Skin Care Company vowed to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil with exceptional quality only exported all throughout Europe and Asia.

Olive Oil Skincare Company is committed to making and manufacturing the highest quality 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive oil skin care and hair care products to boost the nourishment of the skin and promote a healthy flawless looking complexion that is suitable for all ages, skin types, hair types, and conditions.

Olive Oil Skin Care wants to share and utilize the health benefits of Extra Virgin Oil for the body and now offering a wide range of nourishing skin care, hair care, and beauty products. The skin care brand only uses all natural ingredients that have no parabens, no Palm Oil, no artificial fragrance or colours.