About Royalcos

Royal Cosmetics is a beauty cosmetics brand that has been pursuing “the ultimate beauty” since the establishment. This pursuit led the cosmetic brand discover the best way to create the effective skincare products while using no harmful ingredients.

Royal Cosmetics has found a way by constantly studying and developing their high quality formulations that are always based on plant moisturizing properties, since these days the skin care products you can get everywhere are mostly based on chemical oils.

Royal Cosmetics aims to uphold their goals – to create higher-quality and safer cosmetics. They plan to do this by conducting all the steps starting from research and development to manufacturing and logistics while being under an integrated structure planned by their own company.

Following the Japanese Royal ideal “the beautiful skin of the rice”, Royalcos had searched for an intricate and unconventional way of pursuing that natural, youthful and well hydrated skin that pioneered the creation of products that are non-oily natural primary cosmetic made mainly of water and vegetable ingredients.

This resulted to the birth of Royal Gold Skin care products. They offered the consumers products that made up of mainly yeast extracts with many valuable substances, herbal ingredients with full of the blessing of nature, plenty of fine gold flakes – Royalty in beauty redefined.

Royalcos continues to provide all of their loyal customers with the wonderful gold skin care products, which according to them also give a “joy of beauty.” As a pioneer of gold skincare manufacturer in Japan, they aspire to continue giving the women all over the world the experience of revitalization of the beautiful bare skin through their top quality products.