About SANA

SANA (サナ) is one of the best and is a leading Beauty Brand in Japan which produces mainly cosmetics, body care, and skin care products. These products are famous for its unique and fashionable Maikohan packaging which is well loved by the Geishas in Japan.

SANA, today, is widely sold in pretty much every drugstore in Japan. The beauty brand brings affordable products to your doorstep. Everything you need from beautiful lifestyle to extravagant products is what they offer. SANA provides the consumers a wide range of healthcare and lifestyle products that are meticulously manufactured to meet your expected standard and also to fit your pocket.

SANA cosmetics’ products contain blended soymilk fermented liquid making the beauty brand Japan’s No.1 soymilk selling skin care line. Each product is rich, smooth and a little bit thick in consistency but it is not totally heavy, oily or sticky.

Fermented skincare products first came to prominence a couple of years ago and seem to be still going strong. One of which is SANA’s fermented Soy Milk Cream, is has been popular for both first time users and beauty enthusiasts. This is only one of many products that SANA has in store for every beauty lovers

These beauty products are ultimately soothing and nourishing with every use. It contains isofurabon, protein, lecithin giving the skin instant hydration while leaving it all plumped and fresh. Each product also have no fragrance, no dyes and cleans well after washing as well as environment friendly.