Silke London


Silke London is a brand of hair care products like hair wraps and hair ties promoted the best night’s sleep your hair has ever had.

Inspired by the hair wrapping methods of her Caribbean heritage, founder and hairstylist Maria set out to transform hair with wraps that eliminate nightly friction and prevent breakage. Each luxurious silk wrap is developed for the perfect fit, weight, and style so that women of all hair types can wake up to strong, healthy hair.

Inspired by the time-tested traditional hair wrapping methods of her Caribbean heritage, Maria found that wrapping her hair specifically 100% silk had incredible transformative results.

Silke London’s founder, Maria, is a London hairstylist with a reputation for being able to tame the most difficult-to-manage hair. With over 32 years’ experience and every product, treatment and fad at her fingertips she still couldn’t find anything that helped her hair to grow, hold its style or prevent breakage. Permanently.

Dedicating years to the careful development of a beautifully designed and chic hair wrap, made of the finest 100% silk, in the perfect fit, weight, elasticity and style so that all women, of all hair types, whether they’ve wrapped their hair before, or want to begin wrapping now, can experience the beauty of their own naturally strong, healthy hair.