SIX Perfume

About Six Perfume

Six Perfume is a Singaporean perfume brand which was founded by Jason Lee in 2015. It was birthed with his passion and love for scents after spending four years at the world famous fragrance house, the Givaudan.

Six Perfume founder, Jason Lee’s inspiration to creating the perfume brand is his then soon to be bride (the both of them are fragrance lovers), whom he gifted two unique scents as a wedding gift and as a gesture of love. These scents were also presented as wedding favours to his guests.

After receiving more than positive reviews, the founder embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. It paved the way towards the launch of the first three scents of the six-variant collection, these three products are named 123 Tribeca, 1724 Puka, and 27F Biei.

Six Perfume is described as “an emotional experience is transient, mysterious and powerful. Like immersive spaces, it evokes, excites, and it also evolves. Our sixth sense tells us things like no one else does. SIX reveals, re-enacts, and remakes immersive spaces through scents that capture the essence – in a bottle.”

Now a professional fragrance label, Six Perfume would not be what it is without the world renowned fragrance lovers and perfumers. The ingredients that make each product are premium and safe hand picked carefully from around the world.

Six Perfumes were proudly distilled in the United Kingdom as well as its home, Singapore. Its exquisite zests of oils are a result of effective research and techniques, manufactured carefully with the finest craftsmanship which is world class. Blending creativity and passion to each and every signature scent they offer.