SUII Naturals

About SUII Naturals

SUII Natural pronounced SOO -EEJ is a natural beauty brand that claims that SUII Natural is not just another “natural” brand, believing that sometimes the beauty solution we are oh-so-hard looking for could be found in our own backyard.

SUII Natural uses time tested and approved ingredients to their formulas such as such as pearl powder and thanaka powder in their face powders. On the other hand, their lipsticks are created with lip balm ingredients and pigments blended using mineral color stain that is US FDA /AU approved

SUII Natural is proud to claim that their lipsticks formulas do not contain glycols, parabens, synthetic dyes or any chemical preservatives making their lipsticks natural, safe and full of color. Each color palettes are designed from scratch and color tone made to suit any complexion promoting inclusivity.

SUII Naturals aims to uphold its philosophy which is “to integrate skin care into color cosmetics so your routine is pared down to 1 step” as well as to continue formulating and creating to produce more cosmetic/skin care products that bring down the chemical nasties to zero.

Each of SUII Natural’s products wants to deliver natural looking flawless beauty for its users, every day. SUII Naturals said that “what started as a fun weekend cosmetic hackathon project, turned into a 2 year and continuing development quest for safe natural cosmetics”

Making the beauty brand a product of love and enjoyment of labor. It is sure that each product you use from SUII Natural will be safe and hypoallergenic given that each of the founders is lucky to have scientific background and expertise.