Thank You Farmer


Thank You Farmer will not promise miracles and magic spells.Even the most popular cosmetic cannot turn a 40-year-old woman’s skin back to baby skin. Even the most expensive products cannot correct your skin’s problems in a week but they have all natural beauty products like Back to Iceland Cleansing Foam and Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF50.

Thank you Farmer believes that using good products regularly will help your skin restore its natural strength and slow the aging of cells.The way of becoming healthy and beautiful naturally and gradually without burdening the skin – This is the honest promise of Thank You Farmer.

Thank You Farmer boasts super-natural, farm-grown ingredients to maintain skin’s health and help delay the cell-ageing process. Painstakingly formulated to provide cumulative benefits (rather than promising instant effects), this range increases skin’s resilience and bolsters its defences to accelerate repair and protect from the everyday environmental stresses. Think simple, ‘does what it says’ skin care for modern, low-maintenance women.

Being a farmer is the most honest job. Nature pays for a farmer’s sweat and a wise farmer knows that there is no shortcut when working with nature. Thank You Farmer makes cosmetics with the heart of a farmer. They promise to choose to increase the contents of good ingredients rather than listing the difficult names of ingredients and earn the consumer’s trust with good quality of products rather than dazzling them with fancy advertisements.

They will satisfy you with the results customer’s can see in the mirror rather than instant outcomes. Thank You Farmer will discover the most natural balance your skin wants.