About Tsururi

Tsururi is a Japanese beauty brand that aims to focus on the face’s pores troubles with every product they come up with. Among their wide range of products most of their facial cleansing/body care series containing natural materials such as Gasol.

Tsururi uses Gasol which is known to be a base makeup that eliminates pores by makeup effect. It is a clay that mixes moisturizing and detergency characteristics which in turn gives its natural, safe and effective effect. This natural clay is imported directly from Morocco, and it is the primary ingredient in “Tsururi Gasol Paste”, which was developed to be able to easily obtain this “Gasuru” in the daily skin care.

Tsururi beauty brand, with its many products, targets mainly the pores as deep as possible and washing it clean and smooth. These products have become one of the best selling products to ship 10 million pieces all over the world.

Using these Gasol based products you could create a special care treatment for your skin without visiting professionals. As effective as it could get, Tsururi’s products have many benefits to offer up its sleeves. These benefits include according to the is the following: “Ionic Detoxification, Treats Acne, Controls Excess Oil, Brightens Skin, Exfoliates, Tightens and Smoothes, Improves Skin Elasticity, Evens Skin Tone, Protects against Free Radical Damage, Environmentally Friendly etc.”

Making Tsururi a part of your natural skin care regime will surely help you combat your pore problems, possible and current breakouts, and excessive oiliness!