Winky Lux

Winky Lux is a cosmetic brand from New York City that has been keeping tabs on the latest and trendy products that you will come across to. Among their wide variety of products are consisted of makeup, eyeshadow like First Base Eyeshadow Primer, foundation and lipsticks like Glimmer Balm.

At Winky Lux they are striving to delight with new trends, innovative packaging and luxurious ingredients. They are a ‘green’ beauty brand by just using organic ingredients and not using parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalates and animal testing. They offer cruelty free, high pigment colors that are designed to give you all the feels while providing real results.

Winky Lux uses the highest quality ingredients available. Products are free of nasties and irritants. Their founder Natalie has extremely sensitive skin and personally tests everything before it’s available for sale. That said, everyone’s skin is very different so please discontinue any product that irritates you immediately and contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Some of them are and some of them contain beeswax which is a natural and safe product but should not be listed as vegan. They decided to use beeswax instead of petrochemical derivatives because they think it’s safer and healthier.