Za Cosmetics

About Za Cosmetics

Za is a cosmetics brand that has been empowering young women’s beauty in Asia for 20 years, expert in flawless skin with the latest beauty looks. Za launched simple-step yet highly effective FACE, SKINCARE and easy-to-apply colourful MAKEUP products in 6 countries.

The brand name – Za, spelled with the first and last letters of the alphabet backward to express its happy, fun and likable personality, offering wide (a-to-z) variety of products and beauty tips, realising ’24/7′(all day, everyday) flawless confidence.

From its research base in Japan, Za has been empowering women in Asia to achieve their ideals of perfect skin and beauty since 1997. For 20 years, Za has been developing safe and high-quality products born of scientific research into the skin and cosmetic behaviors of women in Asia. It resolves dryness and stickiness.

Za Cosmetics produces products for resilient skin with less visible pores. Whitening the skin effectively and gently while keeping it well moisturized. Realize “transparent, white, even-toned skin”. Full of the moisture and ingredients that skin needs. Results in smooth skin that glows from within.

The products are a high-performance, anti-aging skincare line formulated with nature-derived plant seed extracts and marine collagen to give your skin a youthful resilience and a silky glow. The key to solving skin problems successfully lies in the daily cleansing and washing routine. This will help to restore your skin to its fresh, brand-new state.