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Bye Bye Fats: 4 Best Slimming Treatments to Shed Off Your Post-Festive Calories This New Year

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The New Year calls for a new and better figure! The past holidays have been so festive, we bet you enjoyed all the parties and food. It’s time you stop crying over spilled milk and stop feeling guilty about the pasta, the steak, and the cakes you ate! It’s about time you do something about them. Here are 4 best slimming treatments to try this new year!


Z-Lipo at The Clifford Clinic

Suction your fat away with Z-lipo at The Clifford Clinic. This slimming treatment can be done in almost any of your problem areas such as arms, abdomen or thighs. The suctioning machine is set at a low temperature that mainly targets to freeze your fats while your blood remain liquid. This is continuously done until your fat cells are damage, which allows your body to naturally remove them through reabsorption, or passed out as energy for the next month.

Through z-lipo, your fat cells can be permanently removed!

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Venus Body Fat Treatment at The Body Firm

Using the recently considered latest gold standard medical aesthetic technology, Venus Body Fat Treatment at The Body Firm uses Venus Viva and Swan machines that are powered by multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electro magnetic fields. This treatment gives of instant results, and the process is so fast you can even do it during your break time at work. It is almost painless, only a little discomfort at most.

The use of radio frequency and electro magnetic fields stimulates the patient’s body to produce more collagen, elastin fiber hence tightening the skin and liquefies the fat.

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Vaser Lipo at Amaris B. Clinic

This treatment is perfect for people who are looking to achieve a more toned and defined physique. It can be done on multiple areas of the body and can be customized depending on the patient’s needs. It can result to an hourglass figure for women, a help build a 6-pack abs for men.

It targets the fats that reside directly over and around a person’s muscle group. It used ultrasonic waves through a small insertion that gently breaks down the fat cells.

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Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment at Dorra Slimming

Proudly a user of the latest technology from France, Dorra Slimming uses a slimming machine that is build specifically to target problem areas on the lower part of the body. This could be used to target lower abdomen areas, and thighs.

The treatment includes an application of an ampoule considered as the “booster” that helps promote fat burning and body firming when used together with infrared machine. There is minimal pain throughout the treatment, but only mostly heat. It also gives instant results!

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