Honestly, we’re not sure if there are tons of people that develop a habit of reading through the product label. Well, if you are among the small percentage, there’s a high chance that the majority of the products on your makeup vanity are loaded with caprylyl glycol. Indeed, this tongue twister name may seem complex enough though but it’s actually one of the go-to ingredients that most beauty products are formulated with. As beauty junkies, we’re always on the quest to find the latest and rarest ingredients that the community has never heard of before. You’ve guessed it right! Caprylyl glycol is on the next list that we’re investigating. So, what makes it so special that the formulator uses it in cosmetics? Below, Beauty Insider has gathered all the essential details about caprylyl glycol from its benefits, and side effects to the best products.

Brief Information

What is the main benefit?

It functions as a humectant that helps to retain the moisture in the skin and boost hydration. Plus, it also acts as a preservative to prolong the product’s longevity and shelf life.

Who should use it?

It is ideal for all skin types, especially for those who want to add extra hydration and attain smoother-looking skin.

How to use it?

Products that contain caprylyl glycol are usually paired with other hydrating ingredients including aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid. In terms of frequency, you can use the products based on the recommended instructions since there might be active ingredients that can trigger redness and irritation.

What is Caprylyl Glycol?

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Caprylyl glycol is alcohol that originates from caprylic acid which can be naturally found in coconut oil and palm kernel oil. However, caprylyl glycol may also be synthetically produced for certain beauty products. We know that alcohol may seem a bit turnoff but actually, caprylyl glycol doesn’t lead to dryness or irritation. Besides, it is can be used for every skin type. This multi purpose ingredient is highly loved by formulators since it can seal in the moisture in the skin.

On top of that, caprylyl glycol also is added to the formulation as it functions as an agent of preservative and stabilizer. Needless to say, caprylyl glycol is an ideal substitute for traditional preservatives like paraben and formaldehyde. With such astounding benefits, it’s definitely not a surprise that the majority of beauty products are infused with caprylyl glycol. Among the type of beauty products that contain caprylyl glycol are moisturizers, eye creams, lotions, lipstick, foundation, hair serums, conditioner and face masks.

What are the Benefits of Caprylyl Glycol?

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Caprylyl glycol is dubbed as a multi tasker product for its amazing benefits and there’s a reason why we kept seeing this ingredient.

  • It features antibacterial properties
  • Retains the moisture in the skin
  • Increases spreadability
  • A suitable alternative for preservative
  • It helps to plump up the skin

What are the Side Effects of Caprylyl Glycol?

According to previous research conducted by Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel in 2012, caprylyl glycol is safe to use on the skin at a low concentration level. However, it must be known that it can also trigger skin irritation and sensitivity. Luckily, the majority of the products are diluted with only low potency of this highly loved ingredient.

Top Rated Products That Are Formulated With Caprylyl Glycol

Babyganics Moisturizing Daily Lotion Chamomile Verbena

Babyganics Moisturizing Daily Lotion Chamomile Verbena is packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that will help to improve skin conditions. Infused with shea butter, cocoa butter and NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend, it boosts the hydration level of the skin. Additionally, it is also free from all harmful ingredients including paraben, artificial fragrance, dyes and sulfate.

Why we love it:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Formulated with organic ingredients
  • Delivers intense hydration

Price: $18.00

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SW1 GENE THERAPY Skin Reversal With DNA Repair Enzymes

SW1 GENE THERAPY Skin Reversal With DNA Repair Enzymes is created with an advanced formulation that helps to improve the overall skin conditions. It is infused with essential ingredients including enzymes to minimize the signs of ageing due to environmental aggressors like harmful UV rays. Unlike other skincare products, it identifies the damaged DNA strand and replaces it with a newer one for youthful looking skin.

Why we love it:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Protects the skin against environmental aggressors
  • Minimizes the signs of ageing

Price: $224.70

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Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Exfoliating Moisturizer

With a 4.5 star rating on Sephora, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Exfoliating Moisturizer is a cult favourite product that delivers a double action to hydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells. This oil-free moisturiser also improves the skin cell turnover rate, leaving you with radiant-looking skin. It contains a concoction of squalane, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, saccaride and Chinese Foxglove to boost the hydration level.

Why we love it:

  • Delivers intense hydration
  • Gently remove dead skin cells
  • Oil-free formula

Price: $108.00

Where to buy: Sephora

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