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Stop The Clock with The Best Eye Creams
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 19, 2019

Hard working ladies need hard working products. If you have been searching for eye cream reviews online, looking for the best eye cream for dark circles or the best eye cream for wrinkles, you may stop Googling and read this list instead. Beauty Insider has compiled the top eye creams for your problems: dark circles, […]

Italian Technology Catered to Asian Skin- the New Filler Code by DIBI MILANO
By: / March 29, 2019

Dibi Milano is a brand that has stood the test of time since it was founded in 1976. Recently, they launched their newest product line Dibi Milano’s Filler Code. Beauty Insider had the unique opportunity to interview Alfaparf Group’s Senior International Trainer Paul Keegan and Export Manager, Skincare, Matteo Annini. Dibi Milano’s new product range, […]

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5 Habits for Younger Looking, Instagram-Perfect Hands
By: Dedet Panabi / January 14, 2019

Do your hands look old? Are they dry and discolored? Wrinkled? Do you have enlarged veins? Or do they just look really ugly whenever you try to do a nail art selfie? “Our hands are constantly exposed to the elements,” says celebrity dermatologist Francesca Fusco. Even antibacterial soaps or the UV light from our monthly […]

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Score Sephora’s Best Skin Care Products in Limited Edition Sets!  
By: Dedet Panabi / November 6, 2018

Gorgeous holiday skin starts here! We looked at Sephora Singapore’s 2018 limited edition sets to find the best skin care products for the season. Dear Santa: can we ask for perfect skin? Peter Thomas Roth Mask Frenzy 6-Piece Kit, $149 This is definitely on every beauty insider’s Christmas wish list! The six-piece set includes its […]

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Our Favourite Anti-Ageing Devices Revealed in This Special!
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / July 25, 2018

Serious about anti-ageing but not yet using any beauty device? Then you are not serious enough! These four devices can cause a bit of a dent in your wallet but these will also make an impact on your skin’s natural state. At a certain point, it is not just enough to apply cream after cream. […]

The Hardest Working Anti-Aging Treatments
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / June 21, 2018

A Full Skincare Routine from Cleanser to Masks Anti-aging is likely on every skincare junkie’s priority list. And looking for the top products that will work hard on our skin just as hard as we work is a necessity. Here are the top five products you should look into, which can also be a full […]

Some of the Best Skincare Products That Will Make You Feel Great In No Time
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / May 30, 2018

Skincare products are often thought of as maintenance for our beauty. But anyone who is addicted to skincare knows that it apart from the aesthetic effects, it is the opportunity to pamper that is loved and enjoyed. Beauty Insider knows that skincare is our daily treat to ourselves. So here is a short list of […]

12 Skin Supplements in Singapore For Glowing, Radiant & Youthful Skin
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / May 22, 2018

Beautiful skin cannot just be achieved with topical skincare. There is vitamins for the skin. The same goes with your hair. It is not just in the topical products, it is also in hair supplements. To get the optimum results, it must be partnered with top skin supplements. Here are Beauty Insider’s winners for the […]