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It now seems so long ago when almost all Hollywood celebrities were known for being party animals. These days, though, celebrities have completely turned the tables. From yoga photos on Instagram, to juicing recipes, more stars seem to be enjoying living the healthy life! Health is wealth, after all. And living the a life under […]

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Sure you have gained a lot of experiences from the long life that you will never trade away, but you still want to look good, and this gets harder and harder every day. Each time that you look in front of the mirror, a part of you regrets the tell-tale signs of aging that you […]

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Our body clock tells us when to sleep, what time do we have to wake up and when do we get hungry. Surprisingly, our skin has a clock too that tells us when it is oily, dry or even sensitive to spots and itchiness. It does not only connote about what skincare products must be […]

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