hair treatments
These Luscious Hair Treatments Are The Key To Healthy Hair!

Of all the beauty woes we’re wrestling with, constantly having scalp issues are certainly among the least glamorous. The evidence of a damaged scalp can also be pretty jarring. Scalp flare-ups like dandruff or psoriasis can be embarrassing, painful or problematic. Many people endure and suffer from treatable conditions discreetly — and that’s no good. There’s […]

Facial Treatment
5 Luxe Facial Treatments That Actually Improve Your Skin in One Session!

No matter what your skin hiccups are, there are a few universal truths when it comes to skincare. Above all, we are just trying to establish the pinnacle of healthy skin — which is not only clear but fresh and glowy. Sure, you could spend hours relentlessly researching the best facials to give you the […]

Is Microdermabrasion The Secret To A Seriously Radiant Complexion?

If there is one common skincare complaint often heard in aesthetic clinics and beauty salons in Singapore, it is how acne marks, acne scars, dilated pores and pigmentation affect the appearance of one ’s complexion. Are you one of those who suffers from rough and uneven here? Achieve smooth and healthy skin with Nouri Face […]

Radiant eyes can be yours in one fuss-free step. Find out how!

Trying to apply a full makeup look on your eyes every morning can be troublesome, especially on busy workdays. But for many of us Asian women, it is the only way we know how to make ourselves look awake, fresh, and presentable. What if there was a faster and simpler way to look radiant? And […]

award-winning skincare products
Get The Perfect Skin With These 2018 Award-Winning Skincare Products

With so many choices of skincare products to choose from, it could be challenging to find the ones that actually works, the ones that actually is worth spending your hard earned money for, and the ones that actually live up to their claims! Here in Beauty Insider, we do most of the tough jobs about […]

Some of the Best Skincare Products That Will Make You Feel Great In No Time

Skincare products are often thought of as maintenance for our beauty. But anyone who is addicted to skincare knows that it apart from the aesthetic effects, it is the opportunity to pamper that is loved and enjoyed. Beauty Insider knows that skincare is our daily treat to ourselves. So here is a short list of […]

This Contact Lens Will Accentuate Your Natural Iris Effortlessly!

In this age of high definition pictures and videos, the natural look has become all the rage. This is why we no longer buy contact lens that gives us a very obvious change in appearance unless it is for a costume party. But this award-winning beauty lens from ACUVUE® DEFINE® range is anything but a […]

Your Best Beauty Essential: 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® Radiant Sweet™

Our eyes are the windows to our souls, so they say, and to that, we at Beauty Insider Singapore say, then let us turn it up! It is no wonder we spend so many minutes in our makeup routines trying to define our eyes. Our eyes make a great impression. And here’s a secret that […]