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2017 has been an interesting year for the beauty industry; with crazy to lovely beauty trends like colored eyelash extensions, lip suction devices for lip pouting, to snail mucus skincare products and facial treatments. And we doubt this is streak of beauty trends is coming to halt this 2018. We’ve browsed through Pinterest and spent […]

Lazada Singapore

Beauty Junkies!! Lazada Singapore is celebrating it’s beauty week! When’s a better time to shop for beauty products in Lazada than now? It’s such a perfect time to hoard because everything is mostly on sale! You’ll get your hands on your favorite beauty products for a great price! We’ve listed down on top 10 beauty […]

Top 10 Perfect Beauty Gift Set for your BFF this Christmas Season

How to be the “best-est” friend ever? Give your bestfriend something he or she will not only like, but actually enjoy using too! You could be on your bestfriend’s nice list this Christmas by gifting them a unique and on-trend beauty gift set presents! Check out our list of BFF Gift sets that will seal […]

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