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jayley woo
Interview: Jayley Woo Shares Her Creative Process And Beauty Snippets

There are plenty of things that make Jayley Woo different from all of us — namely, her television fame and the fact that she has created her own hashtag for her fashion outfits on Instagram. Cue #Jayshionleystar. But, much to our delight, the list of things that make her like us is even greater. Jayley’s […]

business women network
How The Founder Of The Business Women Network Creates A Supportive System

In  May of 2014, Michelle McFarlane turned her concept of creating a supportive business platform for ladies into her main hustle when she launched the Business Women Network (BWNASIA). Catered to offering members assistance and ideas to women who are keen on setting up a business in Singapore, this network group is all about supporting […]

Beauty Entrepreneur: Vandana Luthra And Breaking Ground In The Beauty Industry

With an expertise in dermatology solutions and a fearless attitude, Vandana Luthra has shaken up the industry with her renowned aesthetic treatments. The beauty entrepreneur is the genius behind VLCC and BelleWave. If you have been following the beauty industry success story that is BelleWave’s rise from under-the-radar status to having over 600 salons offering […]

Why You Need Nutraceuticals: Entity’s Eva Tan Breaks It Down

Today’s busy lifestyle can also make for an unhealthy lifestyle. We sleep short hours, often find ourselves in stressful situations, and satisfy our tired bodies with poor food choices. It is high time to start taking care of our bodies, and it does not just pertain to a good skincare regimen. Beauty involves wellness and […]