Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 Is Arguably The Best

By: Cherelle Lim / February 22, 2022

For the gentlemens who put in tremendous effort to look neat and clean everyday, we salute you! When it comes to shaving, a bad shaver can lead to cuts, bumps and even skin irritation. Although the process sounds painful, many men go through this process 2 to 3 times a week to maintain their clean […]


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Men, It’s Time To Talk About Eye Care And What You Need To Know About It

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 2, 2022

One of our most crucial senses is vision. Our sense of sight accounts for 80% of what we see. However, many of us are unaware of how fragile they are and the importance of keeping their health in check. That is why Beauty Insider is gathering info in this helpful article for you men all […]

14 Best Pomades In Singapore To Turn Into A Gentleman

By: Cherelle Lim / November 1, 2021

Looking for ways to spice up your hair? Maybe it’s getting a little out of control and you just want to calm it down. Make yourself look more presentable! This one is for all the guys out there who need some help styling their hair. Don’t worry guys, Beauty Insider hasn’t forgotten about you! We […]

7 Best Supplements For Men To Combat Hair Loss And Boost Energy

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 26, 2021

More and more men in Singapore are taking supplements to help them keep up with their busy and active lifestyles. The best multivitamin for men is always sought after, as well as the best supplements for men. Whether you want to increase your energy, help your body deal with the daily stresses, or have other […]

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