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We’re mid-way through August; where did the time go? With Fall approaching, it tends to be the time of year most of us desperately want to snap out of a hair rut. If that means a big chop to rid yourself of your damaged hair, you might want to hold off on that! With Lux […]

There’s something about the start of a new season and braided hair that just goes hand in hand. We’re ready for some style magic and one of our preferred ways to embrace Fall is to let our hair do the talking. Are you ready for the next beauty trend? DNA braids. This trend is game-changing […]

It’s never too early to start daydreaming at the elegant and whimsical hairstyles you’ll be sporting at your wedding. Don’t get us wrong: we love an romantic head-turning wedding dress just as much as the next person. But one fashion detail that always captures our attention…and hearts? A polished bridal hairstyle. With Meghan Markle leading the […]

Summer is when we do things under the warmth of the sun. That includes our hair is warm too. A new season is a perfect time to shake things up by refreshing your hair color. If you’re in the market to try something new, take a cue from these hair color ideas this 2018. Nirvana […]

Not getting bored with your hair is one of the hardest things to do. As Korean perms in Singapore is getting popular, not everyone is aware of how to maintain at, leaving it dull and lifeless that lacks the bounce it needs. Perms are chemicals that are applied to your hair to help temporarily break […]

Copying a celebrity’s latest haircut is an easy way to get the best look. It can also be your best bet to finding what best suits your hair texture, especially in this day and age when it is so easy to check out their hairstylists on social media. If you’re looking for a haircut style […]

Have you ever wondered how every salon visit magically transforms your hair into silky and smooth hair? We all want that kind of hair on the daily basis, minus the daily salon visit. We’ve listed down professional products we can use at home to achieve our dream hair: Original & Mineral Know Knott Conditioning Detangler […]

Wedding gown? Check. Shoes? Check. Think you’ve got everything you need for getting gorgeous on your wedding day? If you haven’t considered your Big Day hair products, you might want to think again. Whether you want to be the center of attention, standing by your loved one’s side, or simply a guest, it’s important to […]

From extra huge waves to ultra-short waves, to completely wet hair or puffy voluminous hair and couture accessories or totally regressive ones, these stylish hairstyles have shaken up the beauty scene. Cop them rock this year with your hairstyle! Keep the curls This is the perfect era to enjoy not being discriminated by your locks […]

Looking for genuine product reviews and truly lucky finds to perfect your hair routine? In the world of mass consumerism and daily marketing attacks, it is hard to separate which one works and which one doesn’t. Having a curly is far from wash-and-wear, you need to step up your regimen to tackle issues like frizz […]

Stop cribbing about not having beautiful or healthy hair. Wishing or cribbing won’t magically transform them but doing something about them will. Good things come to those who work hard to get them. Following a good hair regime, making healthy choices and brushing them regularly are just a few tips. Read on further to know the easiest […]

Who says you have to spend a fortune on pricey organic beauty products to reap the benefits of nature’s best ingredients? With all the crazy things we put our skin through each day, wouldn’t be so silly to assume that putting even crazier things on our skin won’t actually help it? So skip the drug […]

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can lax about hair maintenance. Long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly, even your hair needs regular maintenance. That snazzy haircut of yours is of no use if your hair isn’t properly taken care of. The hair care routine for men is the same as […]

There is simply no shortage of haircut ideas on the internet. There will be haircuts that look best on you and a few that aren’t flattering. The key to a great hairstyle is one that creates the illusion that you have a perfectly oval face. There are cuts that help make a round face appear longer, a long […]

Welcome to the decade obsessed with volume, bright colors, making a statement, and expressing all of these things with hair. The infamous sheer craziness in pieces and styles during this era were formerly big in the scene and these hilarious photographs proved that the 80’s hairstyle is, indeed, the decade that style forgot. The 1980’s […]

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