rice water for hair
You’re Washing the Best DIY Hair Ingredient Down Your Sink

Are you eating rice today? Then read this article. Rice water — basically, the water you get from washing rice — is packed with nutrients that’s good for your hair and your skin. Rice water is the key ingredient in a lot of premium Japanese skincare products (think Tatcha and SK-II) and even the newly […]

sulfate-free shampoo
Find a Sulfate-Free Shampoo for your Hair Type — under $20!

Sulfate-free shampoos can help your hair colour last longer, and may be gentler on very dry and damaged hair. Lots of women are making the switch, and the good news is that you’ll find plenty of sulfate-free shampoos in Singapore — and at a really affordable price! We found these beauty bargains for under $25. […]

brittle hair
5 Surprising Reasons for Dry and Brittle Hair — and How to Save It

Dry and brittle hair isn’t a hair type, it’s a hair condition. Even if you have “normal hair” or “oily scalp” can develop dry hair. It feels rough, it looks dull, and it easily breaks off whenever you brush. The ends look like straw, and when you run your hands through it you can feel […]

hair repair treatment
Best Hair Repair Treatments You Can Do At Home

No time to go to the hair salon? No problem. You can apply these hair repair treatments yourself. Just work them into your scalp and hair, wrap hair into a shower cap, and sit back and watch Netflix while the ingredients do their magic. It’s a great way to treat yourself (and your hair!) after […]

8 Blowdrying Mistakes That Everyone Makes, According to Pros

Why does your hair look sooo amazing when you’re getting a professional blowout at a hair salon, then falls flat (literally) when you try to recreate it at home? It could be because you’re blowdrying your hair all wrong. Here are some of the most common blowdrying mistakes. 1. You’re using a bad blowdryer If […]

low maintenance hair
Low-Maintenance Hair: Get Ready (and Gorgeous!) in Minutes

In my long list of Things-To-Cram-Every-Morning, hair shouldn’t be one of them. I’d rather hit the snooze button than the blow-dryer switch! That’s why these low-maintenance hair tips are an absolute lifesaver! Try them whenever you’re running late or just prefer a fast but flawless haircare routine. Use a multi-purpose shampoo A good shampoo can […]

hair growth
5 Essential Oils That Can Help Your Hair Grow Faster

Growing out a bad haircut, or just dreaming of extra long (and extra strong!) hair? These natural essential oils can help grow faster, by nurturing your scalp and “activating” your hair follicles. Plus, they make your hair shiny and smell amazing! Rosemary Rosemary prevents hairloss and stimulates blood circulation. It also improves cellular metabolism, basically […]

hair colour
15 Things You Need to Do Before Changing Your Hair Colour

Thinking of getting a new hair colour? Whether you’re planning to go to a Singapore hair salon or dyeing your hair at home, these tips will help get the results you want. If you’re going to a hair salon… Book a 15-minute hair consultation If you’re not sure about the hair style you want, or […]