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Here Are 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Korean Perm In Place & Last Longer

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / August 4, 2021

With the Hallyu wave taking over the world, it is safe to say that the biggest beauty trendsetters hail from Korea. It is no different when it comes to hair. Enter Korean perms, the closest thing you can get to achieve that Korean actress dramatic hair-look. Unlike the old-fashioned, frizzy curls perms used to give, […]


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Hair Flips For The Win! Get These 22 Hair Serums In Singapore For Shiny and Luscious Hair!

By: Dedet Panabi / July 6, 2021

In Singapore, our humid and hot weather requires us to take extra care of our hair. When people think of hair care products, they often think of shampoos and conditioners only. The idea to implement after-care treatments seem unnecessary to many but these are the pivotal products that you need. And in this case, we’re […]

Insider 101: How To Do VSCO Girl Makeup And Hair With These 10 Easy Steps

By: Balqis Ariffin / June 9, 2021

Without a doubt, social media has created various types of beauty trends from E-girl to the soft girl. We’ve talked about E-girl makeup look before, so the next on the list is the (drum rolls please), VSCO girl! Yup, we’re sure that most of you remember the time when all of the people is head […]

Best Shampoos In Singapore According To Your Hair Type For Healthy, Silky Hair

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / September 23, 2020

Living in Singapore, the constant heat and humidity can cause many of us with different hair types to develop certain hair conditions that are concerning. To add, hair care treatment can come off as a little intimidating with shampoos, conditioners, serums and more especially when you’re starting out. However, one of the most important products […]

Everything You Need To Know About Leave-In Conditioners

By: / April 28, 2020

Feeling tired of your dull and frizzy locks? Sometimes, your hair care routine needs more than just regular shampoo and conditioner to amp it up. If you have been searching for the next hair care products, you might want to add leave-in conditioners to your list. Although they may seem underrated for some reason, this […]

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