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singer celebrity short haircut for women
5 Celebrity Short Haircuts for Women — Trendy and Low Maintenance!

Want a new look? Be inspired by these short haircuts for women by celebrity hair stylists, taken from the red carpet and runway. These will be the trendiest short haircuts for women in 2019. CHOPPY CROPS Anthony Nader — hairstylist to the stars who’s got his finger on all the trendiest haircuts for women – […]

5 Tips For A Fun, Fresh, Flirty Time At #ITSTHESHIP

It’s that time of the year with the largest off land music festival sailing across the Asian seas. Get ready to kick back and pump up those EDM beats with your girlfriends while sipping on some refreshing bubbly. Worried about the sweat and sea water? Don’t fret we’ve got you covered with the ultimate beauty […]

dry shampoos
5 Affordable Dry Shampoos For Faking Freshly Washed Hair

We all know that dry shampoo is key for tackling oily roots and securing a little extra bounce to your second or third-day hair. However, most hair products don’t really make the cut when you’re striving to make dirty hair smell fresh or clean. That gritty post-spray fragrance is unmistakable — an immediate giveaway that you […]

silk hair wraps
Why You Should Consider Wearing Silk Hair Wraps This Fall

Let’s talk about your hair! How many beauty guru tricks and fancy treatments have you tried to keep your hair in optimum shape? From popular serums to conditioners, there’s definitely a lengthy list of goods out there vowing to produce polished and healthy hair. But what if, in the quest for attaining luxurious tresses, you’ve been […]

haircut trends, Celebrity latest haircut, hairstylist
Classic Haircut Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

Copying a celebrity’s latest haircut is an easy way to get the best look. It can also be your best bet to finding what best suits your hair texture, especially in this day and age when it is so easy to check out their hairstylists on social media. If you’re looking for a haircut style […]

best new hair products 2018, hair routine
Don’t Forget Your Hair! Best New Products for Your Curly Hair This 2018

Looking for genuine product reviews and truly lucky finds to perfect your hair routine? In the world of mass consumerism and daily marketing attacks, it is hard to separate which one works and which one doesn’t. Having a curly is far from wash-and-wear, you need to step up your regimen to tackle issues like frizz […]

home remedies, hair care tips
Tips For Taking Care of Your Hair At Home

Stop cribbing about not having beautiful or healthy hair. Wishing or cribbing won’t magically transform them but doing something about them will. Good things come to those who work hard to get them. Following a good hair regime, making healthy choices and brushing them regularly are just a few tips. Read on further to know the easiest […]