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If you’re a fan of Kbeauty, you know how they’ve nailed the natural, no makeup look. They actually have a name for it: Chok Chok. That means radiant, dewy, and fresh as a daisy. It’s like walking around with an Instagram filter (hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis). But how do you achieve this effortless glow? According to famous […]

Makeup should enhance your beauty and build your confidence – it should never be a mask or make you feel that you have to follow a trend or look like somebody else just to feel pretty. Here are some makeup hacks that will help you apply makeup so it looks more natural and takes less […]

Dying to know the exact shade of lipstick or the drugstore lashes that celebs wore as they walked the red carpet? Their makeup artists reveal what was in their makeup kit. Constance Wu’s red lipstick flatters all skin tones. Her makeup artist Molly Greenald lined her lips in Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil […]

These lip balms moisturize lips and leave a gorgeous hint of colour (like your lips, but better!). Wear them on their own, or to prep for lipstick. For a DIY lipstain, just apply lipliner and then one layer of lipbalm. Blot with one ply tissue and you’re ready to go!    Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy […]

Good news: the 2019 makeup trends are all easy, simple, and low-maintenance. Seems everyone’s sick of contouring and fussing over matte lipstick, and going for more laid-back glam. So put away your makeup brushes and lip pencils, girls – 2019 is the year of the lazy makeup look! Glass Gloss This is really just a […]

We got the look for every kind of holiday occasion, from clubbing with friends to cocktails with your clients. And the best part about these makeup tutorials is that bring out the beauty of small, monolid Asian eyes! For clubbing: a fresh smoky eye Many smoky eye makeup tutorials can look overwhelming or overdone. But […]

You don’t need expensive foundation to look flawless. Even a cheap foundation can look amazing if you apply it well, and even a premium foundation will smudge or cake if you put too much. We ask professional makeup artists for the best way to apply foundation so it looks natural and lasts longer in hot […]

Get the “airbrush makeup” finish without buying expensive tools! Professional makeup artists show you how to get the same results – no pores, completely natural, and lasts the whole day – with your regular makeup brush and sponge. Get an airbrush makeup effect with regular foundation The appeal of airbrush makeup is that it feels […]

With her wedding exclusive finally out, Chryseis Tan is officially in the spotlight =with her lavish wedding to her fiancé Faliq Nasimuddin. The two create a formidable team and are in the forefront of Malaysia’s elite heirs and heiresses. While her Instagram feed portrays her life of lavish holiday destinations she is certainly not your […]

The much anticipated launch of the new Moschino x H&M Collection on Nov 8 is fast selling out! Since the Balmain collaboration in 2015, H&M has slipped under the radar. However, this collection proves that they had something great under their sleeves. Covering everything from Mickey Mouse sweater dresses to crystal encrusted bustier, the release […]

The beauty brand that took the world by storm has finally reached our shores. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a household name that comes with its own share of beauty awards. With their cult status and brutally honest fan base, it has stood the test of time as a go to beauty favourite amongst beauty fanatics […]

Who would not know Song Hye Kyo? This girl is probably the biggest Kpop star there has ever been. She starred is numerous successful k-drama series and movies, it’s hard to miss a talent like this! Apart from her great acting talents, she also has what they call the “midas touch” because every product endorsement […]

Do you walk out your front door in the morning and want to turn around and head back inside due to the heat and humidity? Creating a long-lasting makeup in itself is tricky, only made harder to perfect in the humid Southeast Asian temperatures. But here’s the beauty news you’ve been wanting to here in […]

While makeup is fun to apply, removing it is the total opposite. As much as you love to see that art in your eye, you should never skip the cleaning part especially before you sleep. Because your eyes carry the heaviest makeup, aim for a clean and break-out free face with these eye makeup removing […]

Letting the powder and cream formulas build up on the bristles? Using more than one color shade without cleaning in-between? Bet you need a minute or two to sit down and clean your tool. Many makeup artists believe brushes are the most important step for achieving great makeup, so if it’s been quite a while […]

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