best makeup removers
Best Makeup Wipes for Your Skin Type and Makeup Routine

Never, ever ever sleep with makeup on — WE KNOW, WE KNOW. But what if you’re too tired or sleepy to double cleanse or whip out our Clarisonics. For days when you’re wiped out, wipe it off — with the best makeup remover wipes in Singapore! Best Makeup Remover Wipes: All-Around Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton […]

best lip tint singapore
We Picked the Best Lip Tint in Singapore for Every Budget!

Imagine what your lips look like after eating a bright cherry popsicle. That’s what a lip tint looks like — and why we love them. They give a really beautiful colour that looks natural, lasts a long time, feels weightless, and is so easy to apply. Find the best lip tint in Singapore now. What’s […]

eyeliner beginners
Eyeliner 101 for Beginners: Applying Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Every makeup junkie knows that an eyeliner is the key to making your eyes pop. However, this seemingly simple makeup tool can prove to be one of the hardest tools to master in the art of makeup, especially for beginners. From unsteady hands to jagged lines, the struggle of even drawing a straight line with […]

best eyebrow pencils
20 Eyebrow Pencils that Makeup Forums are OBSESSED With

Some people are born with perfect eyebrows; the rest of us fake them. But that’s okay! The best eyebrow pencils look really natural and blend like a dream. The proof? Thousands of five-star reviews. We combed through Amazon, Sephora and other online makeup forums to find which brow pencils were tried, tested and loved. 1. […]

2019 Daiso Makeup Review: The Steals and The Fails

Daiso is a bargain shopper’s paradise. Beauty junkies will love the plastic trays for organising skincare and makeup, jumbo packs of cotton buds and cotton pads, makeup wipes and disposable makeup sponges. But is the makeup any good?

Fall 2019 lipsticks
15 Best Fall 2019 Lipsticks — They Got Thousands of 5-Star Reviews!

Lipstick lovers, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for — the newest Fall 2019 lipsticks have arrived! They’re vampy, sexy, and we want them all. Don’t be put off by the way they look on the tube! They may look dark, but many of them can be blotted (for a subtle daytime lipstain) or […]

fall 2019 makeup looks
12 Fall 2019 Makeup Looks, created by the World’s Top Makeup Artists

We stalked the Instagram accounts of the world’s biggest and most respected makeup artists for their take on the best Fall 2019 makeup looks. These beauty influencers create the makeup looks you see on international runway shows, magazine covers, and celebrity red carpet events. Get makeup inspiration from your A-list Glam Squad. Hung Vanngo @hungvanggo […]

eye makeup for beginners
20 Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners (or Anyone Who’s Always in a Rush)

Who says you have to “wing” it? These easy eye makeup tips for beginners will help you confidently apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. No mistakes, no smudges, no smears! They save a lot of time, too — so these makeup shortcuts are perfect when you don’t have the time or patience for elaborate beauty routines. […]