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Aerveal Foundation Review: The Best Affordable Cushion Foundation!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 18, 2022

Cushion foundation is one of our current favourite makeup trends. Cushion compact foundation comes in a small, portable package that fits in almost any handbag. Originating in South Korea, the birthplace of beauty trends, there are currently a plethora of brands from which to pick. With that, Beauty Insider is talking about one of our […]

Top Makeup Primer

These Are The Top 10 Makeup Primers To Create A Flawless Base

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / November 16, 2021

Are you confused about what makeup primers actually do? Well, to put it into simple terms, makeup primers are a pivotal part of creating a flawless makeup look. Known mostly as base makeup, primers will give you a smooth blank canvas before starting your work of art. Primers will keep your makeup intact and reduce […]

These Are The Best Treatment Concealers For Those With Acne-Prone Skin

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / November 15, 2021

To be a makeup enthusiast, there’s no rule that says you have to have flawless skin. Texture and skin concerns are completely normal and everyone goes through them. However, some of us have sensitive skin that may trigger breakouts, and some may even have acne-prone skin. With that, in this article, let’s talk about concealers […]

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