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Nail Spa & Bliss: How Sunday Became A Mood You Can Buy

When we think about beauty trends straight off the fashion runway, the majority tend to concentrate on the hair and the makeup. Yet, every year, there’s a smaller aspect that gets overlooked: the nails. With 10 fingers, the possibilities are, well, restricted, but it’s a great excuse to get imaginative with your manicure design. An appointment […]

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See All The Magic From These 5 Beauty Treatments

The promise of sunshine and weekend trips to your local beauty drugstore pales in comparison to what truly piques our excitement for fall: good and worthy beauty treatments. With all the warm weekends on the horizon, we’ve mapped out five beauty salons that offer a relaxed feeling and more. Notable for their idyllic sanctuary, these must-try […]

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These Pampering Beauty Services Are What We Really Need This Week

Between scorching temperatures, dealing with overcrowded commutes, stressful deadlines, and, well, little to no downtime (let’s be real, when you can hardly feel your face, heading out for a girls’ dinner or catching a drink with your colleagues is the last thing you want to do), it’s not surprising to find yourself feeling down in the […]

5 Trendy Nail Art Designs You Should Get Now

The latest nail art designs Beauty Insider has seen on the red carpet and Hollywood celebrities are so cute, you are going to want it ASAP. If you have not tried nail art yet, now is the time. We often think nail accessories look great on others but are not sure how it will look […]

Dress Up Your Digits in the Top Nail Art Trends

Looking for something new to do with your nails apart from the usual manicure? These top nail art designs are currently trending. You can do some of these at home DIY or drop by your favorite nail salon for some well-deserved pampering. Here are some nail art ideas for your next manicure. Half Moon nails […]

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Color Guide To Have Your Nails Spring Ready This 2018

Spring has sprung! Embrace your wanderlust and ensure your tips stay in top shape. Each season brings its best nail polish and sometimes it is difficult to predict which one that will be. That is why we are sharing with you a sneak peek at the upcoming nail color trends. In case you decide to be […]

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Your Go-To Cheap Nail Salons in Singapore Under $25

At least once a month, we treat ourselves to a mani and pedi just because we love to feel pampered even just for an hour.  Whether you’re in desperate need of a new set of gel nails or just want to treat yourself to something special, these nail salons will dress your digits up with […]