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beauty tips 2018

Beauty and beauty product trends come and go, but timeless beauty tips remain. A brand new year is a perfect time to explore and try beauty tips you haven’t tried before, but that doesn’t mean everything you’ve ever done from the past years aren’t as great. Here are 5 best beauty tips ever from last […]

Body Care Tips

We’re too obsessed with taking care of our face that we often neglect body care. It may not be something you think on a regular basis but it definitely should. Maintaining your whole body is as crucial as keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Once you give the attention your entire body deserves, you’ll instantly […]


Before the advent of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, we were used having trends happen only seasonally. Trends used to have longer shelf life in sense. The rise of our social media usage and dependency has made the latest makeup trends a daily occurrence. We give you few beauty trends you can try this Christmas season […]

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