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Before the advent of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, we were used having trends happen only seasonally. Trends used to have longer shelf life in sense. The rise of our social media usage and dependency has made the latest makeup trends a daily occurrence. We give you few beauty trends you can try this Christmas season […]

Best Night Time Beauty Treatments for Better Skin - Beauty Insider

After a long hectic day, rummaging through our skin care products is the least of the things we could think of doing. We lazily skip from these night time beauty treatments and go straight to Slumberland.  Truth is, our body repairs and recovers as we snooze. A good night’s sleep is essential to achieve healthier […]

Sephora Store in Marina Bay Sands | Shutterstock

The Sephora boutique is heaven for those who love makeup and other vanity products. However, shopping there doesn’t always feel right. At the end of the day, some still question themselves why they bought something a bit expensive when they don’t need it. Maybe they bought an $83 eyeshadow palette even if they still have […]

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