INDIBA Activ 7o1
INDIBA Activ 701

The Device that you need INDIBA® activ 701 is perfect for: Treatment of localized musculoskeletal disorders Treatments of pelvic floor disorders Uniarticular affectation Short duration Technical Specifications FREQUENCY: 448 kHz OUTPUT POWER: CAP 250 VA – RES 65 W WIRLESS REMOTE CONTROL DIMENSIONS:  width/length/highness):  370 mm / 400 mm / 170 mm WEIGHT: 10 kg WARRANTY: […]

Infusion™ Ionwave Transdermal Delivery System
Infusion™ Ionwave Transdermal Delivery System

Infusion™, Viora’s Electro-Mesotherapy device, delivers a non-invasive, needle-free solution for superior trans-dermal delivery of topicals. Your clients will enjoy the benefits of safe, immediately visible results and revitalized and refreshed skin. Featuring maximum cellular penetration, Infusion treatments can also be given together with other medical aesthetic procedures. Indications Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction Collagen regeneration Skin rehydration […]

Venus Legacy
Venus Legacy Skin Tightening

A Revolution in Medical Aesthetics Venus 4D™ Technology – A New Standard Venus Concept is once again energizing the industry with a revolutionary technology for non-surgical body contouring* and skin tightening for the face, neck and body. The Multi-Polar RF delivers Fast, Pain Free, Homogeneous Heating to multiple tissue depths resulting in superior clinical outcomes. […]

Venus Swan
Venus Swan Body Contouring

Venus Swan™ is a multi-technology, safe, simple and affordable machine that will satisfy your clients and upgrade your aesthetic practice. Based on Radio Frequency technology, Venus Swan™ delivers superior results pain-free and pleasantly for various body and face parts including arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck and face. The Venus Swan™’s dense energy matrix penetrates into […]

Venus Freeze
Venus Freeze Anti-Aging & Cellulite Reduction

Venus Freeze Time and Reverse Aging™ Through Thermal Magnetic Rejuvenation One Aesthetic Workstation for Non-SurgicalBody Contouring, Cellulite Reduction& Skin Tightening for the Face, Neck and Body. Proven technology delivered in a business model that makes sense.Increase your overall business revenue by providing superior clinical results in a platform that is both safe and comfortable for your patients. The revolutionary Venus Freeze™ is […]

Venus Versa

A Revolutionary Advance in Versatility One workstation puts all the most in-demand aesthetic treatments in your hands. Venus Versa provides the complete package of aesthetic solutions to address the most in-demand aesthetic treatments. Skin Rejuvenation Bright Youthful Complexion Clear & fresh skin Diminished fine lines Clear & Radiant Skin Texture Reduced pore size Smooths & evens skin […]

NANO Care (NCare)

Bio Light Therapy – A special light ray that boosts self-renewing capacity of skin. It raises activity of immune cells through increasing micro circulation (blood flow) and also helps recovery, enhancement of antibodies, and anti inflammation. Ion Treatment (Electroporation) – Supplies nutrition to skin and makes the skin healthy. Absorption of effective components of cosmetics […]

VPL™ UltraPlus

UltraPlus is a multi-application workstation using world renowned and proven Variable Pulsed Light technology from Energist Group. This compact and versatile system offers the power and flexibility you need to achieve optimal clinical results for Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Pigmented Lesions Vascular Lesions Acne Vulgaris Specific handpieces for each treatment ensure delivery of the optimal […]


A Face Analysis System that captures 6 Precise Facial Elements Programs a. Client Management consists of name, age, contact details, weight, height, etc Storage capacity is dependent on hard disk space b. Product Management Store product details and images for recommendation to customer Purchase record and history c. Precision Skin Analysis of Epidermal Pigment • […]