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As much as we love organic skincare, there’s one name on the cobblestoned block you should turn your attention to for 2018: CANVAS. The beauty brand isn’t new to the women of Australia. In fact, the label has been established for a few years and creates skincare products that protect and restore one’s authentic beauty. […]

It is easy to forget about oneself once you become a mother. Everything immediately becomes about the baby. Bathing, eating, and sleeping are almost optional. If baby sleeps, maybe mommy can do those things. But taking care of yourself and your body is top priority especially when you have a baby. Getting a post pregnancy […]

Body hair is totally predictable. It constantly grows back from a shave or a waxing session at a steady pace, making itself more apparent day by day. While we’re firm believers that you don’t need to sport a hairless look to live your best and beautiful life, that doesn’t mean you can’t give some thought […]

It can be tricky to look for hair products that really helps with hair that has experienced years of damage. Beauty Insider picked five of the best selling products–some are natural hair products even made from recycled packaging—to bring your hair back to life. Whether the damage is from frequent colouring, styling, or just the environment, […]

Are your tresses looking lifeless and losing their glory? Are they dull and dry or you just want to get some extra life (if there is still some left) out of your natural tresses, you have landed on the right read! 

We all want perfect hair and by the perfect hair, we mean zero dandruff, hydrated and moisturised, bouncy and gorgeous. But is it really possible to achieve all this at the same time?

Whilst some of us might check the ingredients used in our cosmetics and skincare before applying them on our skin, do you also check what is inside our commonly used hair products? Unfortunately, some commercial shampoos on the market today can contain harmful ingredients. 

Acne problems can be bothersome, but it is the worst when your skin is put in a terrible condition because of harsh products. The best acne treatment does not make your painful, it soothes it while healing the acne. These days online shopping for acne treatment can be a challenge because you cannot really tell […]

Stress, diet choices and environmental conditions can lead to dry skin, acne outbreaks or other skin related problems. We are well aware of the fact that treatment creams and moisturizers are usually recommended to combat these conditions. However, the solution does not end here, with the increasing trend of face masks used as a form […]

Have you ever wondered what so special about micellar water? Especially among the different makeup remover types? This French product has become well loved by women around the world because it is easy to use, great for traveling, and does not require a clean water source. Even if you just want to freshen up your […]

When facing life’s pursuits, nothing sets the stage perfectly for you than an empowering advice or talk with your family and friends. Sometimes, though, all it takes is the right set of skincare to tell the world you can face anything life throws at you. For decades, women suffer from various skin diseases and allergies. […]

Bioré is known to be the best-selling makeup remover in Japan. In fact, because of its amazing makeup removal powers, its fame has gone across the globe. In Singapore alone, Bioré has proven to be one of the leading makeup-removing brands preferred by many. You can easily get your hands on Bioré products because they […]

Shelby Pagan, a 25-year-old from Boston who’s also an ER Nurse just cracked up the internet world with her review. Case in point, Shelby had been in car accident sometime last year and was wearing Kat Von D Tattoo Liner throughout the scary situation. “This product is truly amazing. June 28th I was pulled over […]

They say that eyes are the windows to your soul- and your lashes are the frame that lends it light. What better way to highlight those peepers than with a beautiful set of eyelash extensions? This fuss-free, long lasting way to give your natural lashes a boost will give you longer, more voluminous lashes in […]

If you’ve been been wondering about what products actually work and what actually don’t, your favorite gurus are your most trusted go-to’s in checking skincare product reviews. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Stephanie Nicole who always prefer more matte finish palettes than shimmers, personally love how creamy and pigmented the color shades it has. […]

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