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Beauty Salon
One of the Best Beauty Salon in Singapore To Achieve Gorgeous Lashes

Heard of Graceous Salon? This is probably one of the Best Beauty Salon in Singapore To Achieve Gorgeous Lashes Not many women are blessed with a lush set of eyelashes, some have sparse lashes, some have them thin, and some, unfortunately, downright droopy. But this dilemma is a dilemma no more, thanks to the creative […]

Covermark's Flawless Fit and Moisture Veil LX foundation
It Only Takes One Coat of This Foundation to Hide Blemishes and Acne Scars

There is no denying the role of makeup in boosting a lady’s self-confidence. You use makeup, particularly the foundation to hide blemishes, scars, or birthmarks on your face. When you conceal all of these so-called imperfections under makeup, you feel better about yourself. You feel ready to take on everything that can happen in a […]

Hair Salon
GSS Alert: Get Two Hairdo’s for the Price of One in this Salon

Our crowning glory has two looks—the one you wear in the office and the one you rock at an evening night out with your friends. But, how do you transition from your regular look by day to an edgy hairdo by night? This is the inspiration behind Kimage Group of Salon’s promo for the 2017 […]

We Tried Covermark Foundation and Here’s What Happened

The proof of any foundation is how it looks on your face. Not the magazine cover, or the big billboard, or the celebrity commercial. You know a foundation works because of what you see in the mirror. Beauty Insider took Covermark foundation to the test. We asked two of the Beauty Insider Trial Team to […]

Forlle’d AC Clear
This is what happened after only 1 week of using this product!

THIS NOBEL-PRIZE WINNING TECHNOLOGY IS CURING ACNE – FOR GOOD! For many people, acne isn’t just a skin concern: it’s a curse.  The breakouts and scars plague them for their whole lives. They try everything – creams, masks, DIY treatments – but the pimples keep coming back. But we’ve discovered a Holy Grail of acne […]