Travel around the world with SIX fragrances

Yes, you can bottle your memories. Jason Lee, founder and fine fragrance creator of SIX, drew inspiration from his favourite travel destinations to create 3 eau de toilettes that don’t just capture a place, but the powerful emotions and moods that we associate with them.

Daiso makeup review: the steals and the fails

Daiso is a bargain shopper’s paradise. Beauty junkies will love the plastic trays for organising skincare and makeup, jumbo packs of cotton buds and cotton pads, makeup wipes and disposable makeup sponges. But is the makeup any good?

Eyelash Extensions
These Eyelash Extensions look like your Lashes, but Better!

Get natural-looking eyelash extensions at Graceous Salon! It’s earned quite a reputation for its customized lashes and skilled Japanese stylists, who take great care in creating a look that enhances your natural eye shape. The rave reviews from happy customers say it all. “Professional and meticulously done!” says Joanne Khi. The problem with “falsies” If […]