Beauty Event
An Eye-Catching Beauty Adventure Awaits At Beauty Emporium, Great Wonderscape.

At Beauty Emporium’s Great Wonderscape  you can find the best of your favourite brands in a one-stop, Instagram worthy experience. Stock up on your waxing packages, brow needs or even the much talked about vulva mask from Two Lips. Open to the public and completely free, you can expect a glamorous time tailing some of […]

5 Tips For A Fun, Fresh, Flirty Time At #ITSTHESHIP

It’s that time of the year with the largest off land music festival sailing across the Asian seas. Get ready to kick back and pump up those EDM beats with your girlfriends while sipping on some refreshing bubbly. Worried about the sweat and sea water? Don’t fret we’ve got you covered with the ultimate beauty […]

Kat Von D
Kat Von D’s Two New Liners Are Here to Change the Game

It is finally here—the new Kat Von D Beauty eyeliners that were announced a few weeks back. Ever since their announcement, we have been on our toes and waiting for the day when it finally comes to Singapore. How could we not be excited after we all saw just how long-lasting her eyeliners were thanks […]

Skincare Tips
Would You Give Up Alcoholic Drinks To Save Your Skin Complexion?

For many of us, there’s nothing more refreshing than pouring ourselves a glass of wine or throwing back a cocktail at the end of a tiresome work week. On weekends, we may relish in multiple mimosas over brunch with our girlfriends, or down a shot with some co-workers on a Friday night. Although polishing off […]

Skincare Product
L’occitane’s New Product Is The Secret Ingredient To Transform Your Skin!

You’ll never be able to rid yourself of stress entirely but it doesn’t imply we can’t use a helping hand to combat those struggles. For every taxing demand, big or small, your body becomes overwhelmed and this presents a myriad of health and emotional issues. But it often first manifests itself physically, especially in our […]

Hair Style
DNA Braids: The Viral Summer Hair Trend We’re Currently Loving

There’s something about the start of a new season and braided hair that just goes hand in hand. We’re ready for some style magic and one of our preferred ways to embrace Fall is to let our hair do the talking. Are you ready for the next beauty trend? DNA braids. This trend is game-changing […]

Makeup Product
Healing Crystals Infused With Our Makeup Are The Most Extra Product, Ever!

Your aspirations and pursuit for all things positive are cherished and delicate things. Staying away from hostile affirmations are challenging as they can come from anywhere — that involves commodities, those we surround ourselves with, and, yes, even us individually. We’ve long embraced the sentiment of warding off negative energy and embracing in self-love, and […]

Is Rihanna Really Bringing Back The Skinny Eyebrows Trend?

Before we spring into the latest makeup trends, a full disclaimer: this beauty look isn’t exactly brand new. You’ve heard of the saying: everything old is new again. From crimped hair to foundation shades that were way too light, we might have seen these on our favourite celebrities back in the day. While we aren’t […]