oily skin regimen
Is your Anti-Oily Skin Routine Ruining Your Skin?

Even if you have oily skin, you still need moisturizer. According to New York dermatologist Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD, moisturizers protect your skin’s upper layers. “Not only does our skin naturally lose the ability to retain the moisture and protective lipids and oils in the skin with the natural aging process, but our daily activities […]

dark circles eyes
Beyond Eye Cream: New Ways To Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles look cute on pandas, but for the rest of us they’re just one big beauty problem that never goes away. Eye creams help, but some of us need more. Blame it on genetics, blame it on facial structure, blame it on thinner skin… but whatever causes it, we’re just desperate for something that […]

skincare products
Can Your Skin Get Used to Skincare Products?

Q: “Do I need to switch or change skincare products every once in while for my skincare routine to be effective?” This is a really common question. People wonder if they should switch skincare products the way they switch workouts: “Maybe it’s not working as well because my skin’s desensitized to the ingredient. I should […]

skin care treatments for acne
5 Best Products for Adult Acne

You can’t treat adult acne the way you did when you were a teenager. Your skin is drier now, and you may have other skin issues too (like larger pores or less radiance). Here are the best skin care treatments for acne once you’re in you’re in your 20s or 30s. Murad Advanced Blemish and […]

natural skincare tips
15 Natural Skincare Tips and Recipes that are Cheap and Effective

Need a quick (and cheap!) beauty fix? Just head to the kitchen. Try our DIY beauty recipes and natural skincare tips to get better hair and skin for the price of pennies. Fix eyebags with tea bags This is one of the classic natural skincare tips!  Place two teabags in a small bowl in the […]

6 Best Alternatives To Micellar Water

You’re not alone in your struggle to moisturise your face after a harsh session of make up removal. Though Micellar Water is the preferred choice amongst Singaporeans, it is not a skin friendly way to remove your makeup on a daily basis. There are many alternatives to micellar water that will do the job but […]

Best Under-Eye Treatments
The Real Way to Get Rid of Dark Circles (hint: it’s not sleep)

Do you ever feel that your dark circles are getting worse? It’s not the lack of sleep or the stress of adulting. Find out what causes dark circles and how to finally get rid of them for good. The real cause of dark circles Dark circles aren’t caused by lack of sleep, but your skin […]

organic skin care for acne
5 Organic Skin Care Ingredients for Acne that Really Work

Beat acne with natural, organic products! These organic skin care ingredients will clear your pores, fight bacteria, and help prevent and control even the worst breakouts. Tea Tree Oil It kills the bacteria that causes acne, and breaks down the dirt that clogs your pores. It’s also a great spot treatment for big red pimples, […]